What We Do



Students need capital as much if not more than most entrepreneurs from a lack of time to work and save and the costs associated with tuition. WAV Capital seeks to be an early tech investor in Alberta’s most promising student founders. We invest $20-50k as a pre-seed investment using various investment vehicles. This capital is to help ease the financial pressures of building a company while in school, enabling more time and focus on scaling. See our Eligibility page to see if you’re ready for investment.


WAV wouldn’t be much use if we only gave startups capital, so we don’t stop there. WAV’s portfolio companies have access to our extensive network of mentors, advisors, and industry professionals to help student entrepreneurs get the assistance and advice they need. We’ve met with and understand the incubators, accelerators, and new organizations in the province that help startups - we’ll help startups choose the one that’s best for them. Additionally, WAV’s strict hiring process brings on the best and brightest students from across the province, so our own team is capable of assisting entrepreneurs in many areas.


The state of student entrepreneurship in Alberta is strong, but can certainly be better. WAV will be hosting events like hackathons and educational sessions and workshops to promote entrepreneurship in our post-secondary institutions. Starting a company, working for a startup, and becoming a venture capitalist should be career paths that students see as not viable options, but exciting and meaningful ones. Stay up to date with our social media to see what events are happening on your campus or in your city.