Investment Strategy


WAV Capital hasn’t reinvented the wheel - we’ve taken the best practices of venture capital, angel investing, and successful student funds, and are bringing them to Alberta. We invest in the earliest stages and seed stages of student startups that are keen on disrupting existing industries or paving the way for new ones. We believe in large-impact companies. Our combination of a screening process and thorough due diligence enable us to invest in the best and brightest founders that seek to solve the most prominent problems while producing financial and social returns for our investors.


Have you read over our Eligibility list and checked every box? You’re ready to start our investment process - we promise it’s straightforward and transparent.

  1. Submit an application through our website. This shouldn’t take longer than 10-20 minutes and just allows us to double check if we’re right for each other (investors and founders need to work together). We’ll follow up ASAP for the next steps.

  2. If you’ve passed the initial application, let’s go for coffee! We like to meet founders in a casual setting to get to know more about them and their company.

  3. We like you. You like us. You’re potentially ready for investment and things get a little more formal. We’ll send you a due diligence document for you to prepare then we’ll find a time to meet (or Skype/Google Meet, etc., your preference) and we’ll conduct due diligence to look at your company and founders at a granular level. This might require a few meetings, but we’ll communicate throughout the whole process.

  4. We deliberate your due diligence internally and determine fit and investment readiness. After this, we’ll either have to deny funding and connect you with investors who may be a better fit or work with you to get to where we need you, or you’ve passed! We’ll be funding you shortly and meeting to create a roadmap and plan.

Have any questions? Shoot us an email.