Our Story

A student-focused fund looking to make waves in Alberta.


It unofficially started from an email with a link of another student fund that got us thinking “huh, that would be cool to do.” It officially started once our eyes opened to the state of student entrepreneurship in Alberta, then we got serious about building WAV. A friend of Alec and Chris left for Toronto to pursue his startup due to the lack of assistance and available capital in the province. His startup didn’t have revenue, they were building the prototype, but they only needed a small injection of capital. In a province that claims risk-taking is part of the culture, we seem incredibly risk averse compared to Silicon Valley. When a student has a startup with the potential to scale fast and disrupt a traditional industry, like our friend did, that kind of student entrepreneurship should be encouraged and embraced. This is mentioned on almost every student fund website, but these names bear repeating: Dell, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, Snapchat, WordPress, Yahoo!. All of these companies were founded by students at post-secondary institutions and are some of the largest disruptors and innovators today. If we’re not willing to provide students with resources to build their companies, how can we be sure that Alberta won’t miss a major opportunity?

The more we researched and met with players in the startup ecosystem, the more we had to ensure WAV was a success. Throughout the summer of 2018, we began building our Board of Advisors, created our strategies, due diligence processes, and frameworks. We traveled between Edmonton and Calgary to connect the two cities through their students and post-secondary institutions and ensure WAV Capital is truly Alberta-wide. Now, we’re ready to begin, ready to grow, and ready to make a lasting impact on the province through supporting student entrepreneurs.