Our Team

An organization is only as strong as the people it consists of.


Chris Megraw, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Hello there! So, a bit about myself - I’m a 4th year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Alberta with a major in finance. Alongside my BComm and WAV Capital, I work as an IT Innovation and Strategy Consultant with MorganThomas. Prior to WAV Capital and MorganThomas, I co-founded the Alberta Student Consulting Group (ASCG). ASCG served clients ranging from technology startups to government organizations. I’m also the IT, Communication Services, and Utilities Manager for the PRIME program, a $1.7 million portfolio of public equities, at the U of A. I’ve also been a Junior Investment Banking Analyst for Valitas Capital Partners in Toronto, the VP Events of the Entrepreneurship Club, and a Business Students’ Association Mentor.

I was first introduced to entrepreneurship through a business plan assignment in my second year that led to me attempting to create a VR interior design startup called InHome. It’s early failure only left me wanting more.

I’m a skier, hockey player, weight lifter, and car enthusiast. Contrary to the look in my photo, I do have fun sometimes.

Alec McIlwraith-Black, Co-Founder & Partner

I’m a second-year student at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. I first completed my BCom at the U of A, and over the course of that degree developed a real appreciation for entrepreneurship, especially at the student level. I’m pursuing a law degree in hopes of being able to support entrepreneurs as a lawyer and business advisor in the future. For now, I’m excited to use WAV Capital to support student entrepreneurship in Alberta! I’ve been involved in a number of student groups and organizations throughout my time at the U of A, including the Business Students’ Association, Alberta JDC West, and the Interdisciplinary Consulting Association.

In my spare time, I read - mostly science fiction, fantasy, or philosophy - as well as play board games and spend time with dogs. My dogs, someone else’s dogs… all dogs are good dogs.

Sandi Johal, Partner (Calgary)

I'm currently a fourth year student at the University of Calgary majoring in Finance. Additionally, I'm completing an internship at Calgary Technologies Inc., an organization that aims to provide an array of unique programs and services for technology incubation and commercialization. I'm the President of DeNovo Student Investment Fund and on the Calgary Steering Committee for the Women in Capital Markets. Giving back to the community has always been something very important to me, and I do this by sitting on the Board of Directors for two not-for-profit organizations. My notable past experiences include being on the founding team for the Women in Business on campus, being VP Corporate Relations for JDC West 2018, and involvement in various case competitions and consulting projects.

My love for entrepreneurship first developed in high school, where I was involved in a program for 3 years that allowed me to create a business from scratch. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, learning about history, and hot yoga. My guilty pleasures include binge-watching shows on Netflix and having breakfast for dinner.